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What Happens to Your Estate If You Don't Have a Will?


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What will happen to your belongings when you pass away? Who will take care of your children if you're gone before they turn 18? A solid estate plan can help you layout those answers in writing so your loved ones — or the courts — won't have to make those decisions for you.

As an estate planning attorney based in Metairie, Louisiana, Malcolm B. Robinson Jr. has guided many individuals and families through the estate planning process in order to prepare for the future and safeguard their assets. Without an estate plan, your estate will have a much more difficult time going through probate.

Probate is the process of proving that a last will and testament is legal and to ensure your intentions are carried out. Your will is used to navigate the probate process, making it much easier for your loved ones. If you don't have a will before you pass, a court will decide who gets what assets, regardless of what your wishes may be. These decisions can be contested, but this process can take months or even years for larger estates.

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Malcolm strives to make the legal process as comfortable as possible. When you walk into his office to discuss your estate plan, he wants you to feel as though you're speaking with a friend.


To ensure you're given exactly what you need for your unique situation, Malcolm will only provide you with the services that will benefit you and your estate, so you only pay for what you need.


For every client, Malcolm aims to provide reliable representation and guidance. Each person is different and no estate plan is the same, so you need a customized plan that puts you in the best position in the end.

Elements of an Estate Plan

When preparing for the future, your estate plan can have many different elements to it, depending on the unique circumstances of your situation. A will establishes where you want your property to go once you're gone. Trusts are very similar, except they can become active before you pass away, while a certified will can only take effect after you are gone.

If your loved one has special needs or a disability, you may want to think about putting a special needs trust into place. Malcolm can assist you through the formation of this document that can help pay for the costs required to take care of a disabled adult.

Since 1965, Malcolm has provided sound legal advice for those looking to prepare for the future with an estate plan or going through the process of probate. If you're looking for a dedicated attorney, Malcolm is here to support you.

If you're considering a power of attorney, doing so can give you the opportunity to appoint someone to act on your behalf if you die or become incapacitated. This person, the agent, can be given four different extents of power: general power, durable power, limited power, and springing. To learn which is best for you, schedule a free case consultation with estate planning attorney Malcolm B. Robinson Jr in Metairie, Lousiana today!